3rd Mayfield Scout Group


We regularly hold fundraisers and participate in events to raise money for different purposes.

Recently, we delivered over a thousand phone books throughout Mayfield and Jesmond. We have a fantastic team of parents, leaders and kids who all pitch in to lend a hand.

We are focusing our fundraising efforts on Jamboree and essential items for the Hall. Our families have really embraced this, as it directly benefits both them and their children.

Helen overseas all of our fundraising activities. If you have any suggestions for future fundraising, or any questions about current fundraising, be sure to talk to her at Cubs or Scouts, or let a leader know that you would like to chat to her.

To help parents who are not able to be directly involved in fundraising, we have introduced an optional fundraising levy. For families who cannot spare time during the term, they now have the option to pay a little extra in their term fees.