3rd Mayfield Scout Group

Our Sensational Scouts!

When you are part of a Scout Troop that is lead by a kayak enthusiast, you know you're in a Troop that is going to be ACTIVE!

Our Scouts meet each Thursday of the school term, from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

Kids aged eleven through to fourteen come along to Scouts, and can count on having an amazing time every single week!

With a focus on encouraging independence and being active, our Scouts are currently planning a bush tucker garden.

This slots in nicely amongst the camping, rocket building, caving, abseiling, climbing, hiking, and programming they are usually tied up with!

Our Scouts are developing a really strong reputation for caring for each other, teamwork and leadership. They're also known for their water skills, their bike riding, and their fearless leader (who runs an awesome kayak school!).

Why not come and check out Scouts for yourself - head to the contact page and the right person will be in touch!